SOUNDSPACE is ARTLOOP’s music scene, created mainly for the enthusiasts of indie music, without genre limitations. At 01 ARTLOOP, we are presenting three unique music projects, which are much more than ordinary concerts: NOUVELLE VAGUE’s musical “Dawn Of Innocence”, as well as music shows by Pictorial Candi and Mary Komasa. Created at the crossroads of different arts, they skilfully combine music with performance, theatre, and visual arts.

08 September | Opera Leśna / “Forest Opera” | Sopot

The SCREEN SECTION of 01 ARTLOOP Sopot Festival combines all art fields explored during the whole event. The films presented touch on almost all aspects of creative activity: biography, history, nature, contemporary global situation, mass and high culture. Video art works and documentary films will be shown outdoor in the form of CINEMAIR screenings, while the CINEMA INSTALLATION constructed in the PGS State Art Gallery will enable an unusual film-watching mode.

The programme of the section includes also meetings with artists: Katarzyna Kozyra, Bogna Burska and Izabella Gustowska.
SPA-TOWN Exhibition: Gomulicki | Kozakiewicz | Wójcik

The URBANATOR Section: here you’ll find the first details concerning the works of notable Polish artists – Maurycy Gomulicki, Jarosława Kozakiewicz and Julita Wójcik – taking part in the SPA-TOWN exhibition.

The concept of the SPA-TOWN exhibition is based on the exploration of the “spa-ness” of Sopot – a place of recreation, relax and entertainment. The cult spaces of the town, such as the legendary Monte Cassino promenade or the Sopot Pier, will be re-interpreted by the artists.

On September the 7th, on Sopot beach, the Kraków artist Łukasz Surowiec is going to… bury gold! The action is part of the project entitled “One Bar of Gold”, featured in the URBANATOR section. It will take place thanks to our cooperation with Grolsch ArtBoom Festival. The project is curated by Małgorzata and Marcin Gołębiewski.

Sopot – a spa town with quite legendary places, such as the pier, Monte Cassino street, or the Forest Opera, is a major challenge for artists. How is an artist known for his sensitivity to social issues going to see the dialogue with a setting of luxury relaxation?

01 ARTLOOP Festival announces the first part of its programme: the URBANATOR section, focused on public-space art and design-related actions. The events include: the ‘SPA’ EXHIBITION, featuring: Maurycy Gomulicki, Dominik Lejman, Jarosław Kozakiewicz, Maciej Kurak, Julita Wójcik, Łukasz Surowiec, Mariusz Waras | M-City, Anna Reinert and the extraordinary installation GRAND HOSTEL by Filip Kozarski in cooperation with the designers Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Studio Kompott and BudCud, the location-looping action SPACE LOOPING, including the open art studios ARTSPACES.

More info about ARTLOOP’s programme to follow soon!

The education section
ART LAB offers a selection of various workshops, interactions and meetings with film and music makers, all open for participants of all ages, regardless of proficiency. The workshop activities and lectures will take place in workrooms with the most beautiful view of the sea that you could find in Sopot: in Zatoka Sztuki.

For the youngest festival guests, we prepared “3D, or Design for Kids” and the animated film workshop “Magical Spa Town”, for somewhat elder ones, the “Inner Ear Massage”, and for the eldest – “The Coffee - Wine - Vodka – Revolution” workshop, where they will learn how to make films using analogue Super 8 camera.


The concept of the first edition of the Festival is based on the exploration of the “Spa-ness” of Sopot – a place of recreation, relax and entertainment. ARTLOOP is going to instigate a creative, inspiring, tension-filled dialogue with the spa spaces of Sopot, introducing into the urban tissue both affirmative activities, which will use the tourist potential of the town, and actions based on a twisted reworking of Sopot’s “spa-ness”. The cult spaces of the town – the legendary Monte Cassino promenade or the pier – will be interpreted by the artists in terms of public-space activism, references to the symbolic imagery of the places, an interplay with their accessibility to all people, and reaching masses of viewers who don’t appreciate art. The multiplicity of objects and transformations, multiplicity of activities - in micro to macro scale – will lead to the creation of an alternative Sopot reality.


From 6
th to 9th September 2012 join us in Sopot for a new art festival- ARTLOOP – which opens up the town to art and art to the town, integrating/looping together selected spaces in the centre of Sopot through multiple projects/activities in the fields of visual arts, design and music. For the first time in Sopot a festival is launched which is entirely centred around contemporary art, presented mainly in the urban space, subjectively and suggestively transformed by the artists.



Julita Wójcik and Jacek Niegoda call for building a mound together during the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival in Kraków.

Museums, galleries, theatres, opera houses, cultural institutions, private, municipal, local, regional, ministerial, state, national ones! Join us! From West Pomerania, Podlachia, Lower Silesia, Podkarpacie, no matter where you come from! Contribute! If you have works of anonymous artists in your collection, or even if you don’t, join us! Come with a tipper truck of sand, send us a bag of soil via a courier service!

You, viewer, reader, user, male or female, author, actor, dancer, singer, sculptress, painter, curator, collector, you, official – bring along a bag of soil which will make THE MOUND OF AN UNKNOWN MALE ARTIST, FEMALE ARTIST.



Krakow and Sopot are bonding! Sopot’s ARTLOOP Festival (6th-9th September) and Krakow’s Grolsch ArtBoom Festival (15th-29th June) wish to prove that artists from two cities located on the opposite ends of the country want to and can act in cooperation.
First, as part of the cooperation, Trójmiasto (Tricity) artists Julita Wójcik and Jacek Niegoda will present their work Kopiec Nieznanego Artysty, Nieznanej Artystki (The Mound of an Unknown Male Artist, Female Artist) during the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival, and in the autumn, Łukasz Surowiec, a Krakow Academy of Fine Arts graduate, interdisciplinary artist, sculptor, performer, video creator and public space campaign author, will carry out his project in Sopot, during the ARTLOOP Festival. He will deal with the main theme of this year’s edition of the Sopot festival, The Spa, in artistic terms.



About 8000 e-mails sent by the organisers, an audience of several thousand, 16 film screenings shown simultaneously on 9 screens, 18 looped spaces, 8 open art studios, 2 concerts, 5 grand pianos, 3 official openings on one day, several hundred Styrofoam cubes to build our pavilion, 2 film premieres, including one European, 33 volunteers, 17 persons directly organising the festival… These are some numbers connected with the production and programme of 00 ARTLOOP.